Compliance Assessment Report (CAR) Support

If you have an issue with a Compliance Assessment Report (CAR), don’t worry The Environment Practice is here to help.

If you need advice in relation to recorded breaches and scoring in a CAR form, we’re here to assist.

The Environment Practice has a wealth of experience in supporting waste operators who need assistance and advice on CAR forms. We can assist operators who are not satisfied with how their sites have been scored, and who are seeking to challenge the assessment, as well as providing practical advice to operators on how to implement the steps recommended by the Environment Agency.

We understand the significance of CAR forms and the impact a negative CAR form can have on a business. CAR forms are uploaded on to the Environment Agency’s public register and are a public document. It is therefore important that any scores awarded against a site’s permit conditions are fair, accurate and proportionate. Breach of permit conditions is serious and non-compliance with permit conditions can result in enforcement action, including prosecution, permit suspension or revocation.

The scores awarded in CAR forms can also have an impact on how your site is banded. The Compliance Classification Scheme (CCS) categorises non-compliance based on the potential to cause environmental damage. Non-compliances are categorised as C1, C2, C3 or C4, with C1 breaches being the most severe and C4 the least. Non-compliance scores are accumulated during the compliance year. This score determines which compliance band your site falls under. Compliance bands are categorised through A to F. Sites banded A and B have demonstrated an expected level of permit compliance, sites banded C and D must improve in order to achieve permit compliance and sites banded E and F must significantly improve in order to achieve permit compliance. What band your site falls within determines what subsistence fee you pay. Sites falling within bands C-F during the previous year pay an increased subsistence charge, with the fee increasing through the bands. The scores awarded in a CAR form have a financial as well as reputational cost. It is imperative that the content and scoring in CAR forms is correct.

At The Environment Practice, we understand that your business is your priority and that’s why we make it our priority too. We offer you support with permit compliance, whilst ensuring that you are being regulated in a way which is fair and proportionate.

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